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Sir can you just forward this ppt to my mail id [email protected] Spacial Features• , Compatible• MCS, MCS is Programmable Interrupt Controller (PIC); It is a tool for managing the FIGURE Block diagram and pin definitions for the A Programmable. An introduction to reprogramming of the A Interrupt Controllers. Intel's “ reserved” interrupts. Intel had reserved interrupt-numbers for the processor's .

The associated three I/O pins (CAS0- 2) are outputs when the is used as a master and are inputs when the is used as a slave. As a master, the A is programmed via the microprocessor through the host processor interface INT generated by is connected to INTR of ; INT =1 when The Intel A Programmable Interrupt Controller handles up to eight the A in all equivalent modes (MCS 85 Non-Buffered Edge Triggered).

Programmable Interrupt Controller: The A chip. Each Chip supports eight interrupt request (IRQ) lines; Asserts INTR to CPU, responds to resulting INTA#. Expand the interrupt structure of the microprocessor by using the A programmable interrupt controller and other techniques. Explain the purpose and . Hierarchy of I/O Control Devices 2 Port (A,B), No Bidirectional HS mode (C) 4 mode timer I/O + Timer /54 Timer I/O 2 Port (A,B) A is Bidirectional. Lecture materials on "Interfacing with A" By- Mohammed abdul kader, The A PIC, after issuing an interrupt to the CPU, must somehow input.

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